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Cadet Tactical Skills Training
December 27 - January 2nd (1 Week)

The Cadet Tactical Skills Training (CTST) Course (Winter Training) is executed at Camp Liberty from December 27th to January 2nd. These dates are typically consistent from year to year, please check the Enrollment System for exact dates. This program is only available to graduates of our Cadet Basic Training.


This is a field-based program. Highlights include:

• The course is led by a seasoned and experienced expert in tactical, survival and mental resiliency training.
• Cold-weather survival skills.
• Daily training scenarios testing knowledge with increasing difficulties.
• Reconnect with “Battle Buddies” and fellow Cadets and cadre.

The Cadet Tactical Skills Training Course will provide a week of advanced tactical and field skills training, as provided to Infantrymen in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. This real-world Field Training Exercise will use Camp Liberty as an outdoor classroom. This is a field-based program. The entire week will be in tents, with many of the meals being MREs or field cooking over an open fire.

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