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We are hiring highly motivated professionals to help in the execution of our programs. To make an application please fill out this online form:

Priority Hires:  

 > Drill Sergeants, Drill Instructors and Military Training Instructors. Former Army First Sergeants (active duty on leave, reservists, Honorably Discharged veterans and retirees).  Up to five positions (one Senior Drill Sergeant), two-weeks or four-weeks.  Male and female.  Army Reserve Drill Sergeant Candidates, who are still in training, may apply.  

> Applicants with military experience and a background working with youth. 

> Candidates with a commercial Bus Driver license, NRA Instructor, First Aid/CPR Instructor and Army Combatives Instructor able to certify at least to Level 1. 

NOTE:  Extreme Military Challenge!  (XMC) is owned and Operated by Liberty Communications, LLC, a privately-owned Deleware Corporation.  Extreme Military Challenge! has no affiliation with the Department of Defense or the United States Government.  XMC personnel, regardless of current or past military status, wear a modified variation of the Army Combat Uniform, as instructed in Army Uniform Reg 670-1.   Active, Guard, Reserve and retired military personnel who are hired by Liberty Communications, LLC, must wear modifications (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, branch tape and Physical Training Shirt), to the uniform so as to clearly indicate that the employee is not a representative of the Department of Defense.  


Extreme Military Challenge!

The Extreme Military Challenge! Cadre is comprised of an exceptional team of military and civilian professionals from all walks of life.   Each has been hand-picked based on proven professionalism and an unparalleled dedication to youth development.   All Cadre are required to undergo an extensive national background check ant attend training.  

With a combined military experience of over 400 years of service, our Cadre represents years of honorable service in the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United State Navy, United States Air Force and United States Coast Guard.  Many started their military career as Cadets, now opting to invest in the next generation of leaders.   Some come from strong Cadet program backgrounds, civilian careers or a solid history in law enforcement, emergency medicine, U.S. Public Health Service or other service-oriented careers.   

Our Drill Instructors are all bonafide recruit training professionals, having transitioned thousands of civilians into Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen.  Due to the unique joint-service environment within XMC, we use the general title "Drill Instructor," regardless of the branch of service represented.

Our program grows every year; therefore, we are always seeking out high-quality candidates to serve our Challengers.  If you have a heart for young people and would like to be considered for a position on our team, please apply here.   

As with most military schools and other regimented organizations, the military-style ranks and titles

above are honorary and exclusive to the structure of Extreme Military Challenge!  They are primarily for training purposes.

Uniforms are modified with distinct insignia to clearly identify the wearer as not being a member of the United States Armed Forces.

Participation in Extreme Military Challenge!, as a volunteer, employee or independent contractor
does not constitute representatation of the United States Armed Forces in any capacity. 

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