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Liberty Communications, LLC  is proud to offer the highly-acclaimed “Cadet Ranger School” . This course reaches capacity each year.

“Cadet Ranger School” was developed by SFC Mark Anderson, XMC. The program is supervised by retired MSG "Mad Max" Mullen, the 2013 Ranger Hall of Fame inductee. MSG Mullen was a Ranger Instructor recognized as a Distinguished Member of the Ranger Training Brigade and co-author of the US Army Combatives Manual. A Master Parachutist (with Combat Star), he combat dropped (from 500’) onto the island of Grenada with 2/75 during Operation Urgent Fury.


Cadet Ranger School is designed for Cadets who may be interested in a career in the special operations community. The program is open to highly-motivated young men and women, age 16 and older, who are graduates of XMC’s Cadet Basic Training and we recommend Cadet Field Leader Course.


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There are those who have no choice but to push themselves harder, longer and further than those around them. Cadet Ranger School is meant for those hard-chargers. 


Cadet Ranger School is the toughest and most intense of our programs.  This training is reserved for young men and women, age 15 and older, who are driven to excel within a military training environment.   


This program is reserved for highly-motivated and physically fit recruits who are age 15+.   No age waivers will be granted.


Statistically, 35% will NOT graduate from this program.  Not everyone "wins a trophy."  Failure to meet ALL standards will result in transfer to another training program.


Note:  At least two females must enroll and meet the standards to have female participation in this course.


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The second phase of Cadet Ranger School, focuses on leadership, communication and planning, while serving as a role model for Cadets in Phase 1. Upon successful completion, the Cadet receives the coveted "Cadet Ranger" beret.


Note:  At least two females must enroll and meet the standards to have female participation in this course.

Mr. Anderson (SFC, XMC) has been hand-selected to be the Course Director for XMC’s Cadet Ranger School and the Recruit to Ranger Program. SFC Anderson is a seasoned instructor, with qualifications as a civilian sniper, Expeditionary Medic and combatives instructor.

SFC Mark Anderson, XMC

Course Director, Cadet Ranger School

He has developed and executed a variety of courses for close quarter scenarios, while also teaching wilderness Search & Rescue, man-tracking and survival courses. SSG Anderson has also worked as a consultant supplying military weapons, vehicles and operational support for the movie industry.


“This is not any average course. If you make it past selection, you will be pushed beyond your limits both physically and mentally. Everything you have ever learned as a Cadet will be challenged. Abstract will be your norm and the unconventional will be your standard. You will be expected to learn more, do more, win more and lead more. You will become the Sheepdog, the quiet professional, confident in your abilities and humble in your approach,” said SFC Anderson, Course Director, Cadet Ranger School. “This is not where you go to learn about truth, honor, loyalty. This is where you prove it. We are very pleased to partner with the experts at Extreme Military Challenge! to present the premier Cadet training program in the country."