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Reporting Attire

The Official XMC Civilian Alternative Attire (left and right photos).   Optionally, any black polo (as shown) and kkhaki trousers may be worn.    

Civilian Alternative Uniform

The official arrival uniform for Receiving Day is a black polo shirt, khaki trousers, belt and either tan combat boots (Cadets only) or gym shoes (recruits or Cadets). 


The polo shirt will be tucked in, with all but the top button secured.  The belt will be lined up with the "gig line" (the fly of the trousers).   Boots/shoes will be securely tied. 


The official XMC Civilian Alternative Uniform is the Extreme Military Challenge! official Polo Shirt and khaki tactical trousers, along with a tan rigger's belt and tan combat boots.  However, any black polo and khaki trousers, with brown belt, can be worn for Receiving Day.  


Cadets who request leave Camp after graduating from Cadet Basic Training, and will be returning for additional training, are required to wear the XMC Official Polo Shirt and may not wear a plain black polo.   


The official XMC Polo shirt can be purchased through your account in CampMinder. 


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