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Summer Scholarships, Fundraising and Discounts

Simply put, the answer is no.  


Liberty Communications, LLC, which owns and operates Extreme Military Challenge!, does not have funding that would allow us to provide a "scholarship" to young people who wish to attend our various courses


Even if there was such a fund, it would not be used for new recruits attending our Cadet Basic Training and certainly would not be a "full ride" scholarship.   A new recruit, who has not attended our Cadet Basic Training programs, has not PROVEN themselves by doing all that is necessary to earn the title of "Cadet."   Therefore, there is no means to provide a merit-based scholarship.  We do, on occasion, assist Cadets who are returning for advanced training based on performance, leadership and motivation.

On this page we have included some links to veteran organizations that we suggest approaching and seeing if you can volunteer or fund-raise to get community support to attend summer programs. 


XMC does offer some discounts, in recognition of service to country and community:

Please e-mail with a picture of ID card or other proof of service for a discount code. Discounts will NOT be added after enrollment takes place. 

A son or daughter of current Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard personnel.
A son or daughter of any military personnel (including veterans) who have received the Purple Heart or the Bronze Star or above based on Valor (documentation required). 

5% Discount 
A son or daughter of a military veteran or current law enforcement or firefighter.  

There is also a 5% pay-in-full discount for enrollments prior to April each summer, this is available to all enrollments.


Call us at 855-XMC-CAMP to be interviewed for eligibility for a discount and to receive a Discount Code.

Does XMC Have "Scholarships?"


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