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Why Choose XMC?

BLUF (Bottomline up Front)


The Extreme Military Challenge! Military Summer Camp (XMC), operated by Liberty Communications, LLC, is the premier program of its type on the finest facility available. Our Cadre consist of qualified Officers and NCOs (including real multi-service Drill Instructors) as well as youth development professionals. XMC's senior staff have 30+ years experience running Military Summer Camps in locations throughout the United States. We have provided thousands of teenagers the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a military career through programs that are safe yet realistic and challenging. 

Extreme Military Challenge!



We are NOT a program for delinquent or "at-risk" youth.  Our Cadets must be drug-free and crime-free and want to attend. Ages 13-18.


200+ beds in differing styles of barracks. New "Recruits" attending our Cadet Basic Training stay in open-bay style buildings just like real military basic training. Returning Cadets stay in smaller groups apart from first time participants. Males and Females do not share a building like some camps. Large and modern latrines with private showers and stalls.


Program Schedule

Training days are full of activities and classes, and are based on real Basic Training with early morning PT, inspections and time-honored ceremonies such as Evening Retreat.

Rappel Tower, Rifle Range, Pool and Training Areas

All are within easy access of Camp Liberty especially our 40’ tower and obstacle course which are on site. We partner with local law enforcement and other groups for use of rifle ranges, training pools, SCUBA quarry, airstrip and High Ropes Course.

Staff Experience

Extensive experience in the operation and management of 25+ Cadet summer training programs.  Vast military, Cadetting and corporate experience. Certified Range Masters, Certified Rappel Masters, CPR Certified. We pride ourselves in having the best staff of any program of our type, with true Drill Instructors working with our Cadet Basic Training programs 


Food Service

Nutritiously balanced meals by a contracted food service provider.  Cadets serve as Kitchen Patrols (KPs) to clean up after meals and learn responsibility.


Tough program that is meant to challenge and enhance teenagers. Courses held in a military atmosphere to teach discipline and self-confidence. We do not recruit for the military, our goal is to provide our Cadets with the ability to make an informed decision about joining the military. We also introduce them to the different career paths available, including college.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment is completely online, with automated billing to your credit card. Just click Enroll Now! here or at the top of the page.


We are competitively priced, and believe we provide the best experience available for the cost. Dedicated staff, with meals, uniforms and all other training costs included in price. 


Army Combat Uniform, with distinct modifications, for Cadets and cadre. Uniforms and equipment are provided as part of enrollment cost. We adhere to military requirements in AR 670-1 to allow the Cadets to wear a modified uniform. While the Cadets do wear the Army Combat Uniform we have a diverse staff from all the services and the Cadets are exposed to the opportunities each service provides. 


Seven weeks of total programming. Options for First-Time Attendees range from 2 to 6 weeks. See our Dates And Prices page for a complete list.

Why Should You Choose XMC? 


    **  Our location is hands-down the best training site available, compared to the handful of programs somewhat similar to XMC.  We have large state-of-the-art classrooms, air conditioning in all sleeping quarters and fantastic on-site resources as listed below.   XMC's staff is passionate about providing the best and safest experience possible, while still giving young men and women an incredibly realistic and challenging look at what a military career would entail.


    **  We only enroll young men and women who WANT to attend our camps. We do not take disciplinary cases.  We are not here to "fix" kids, only to help them succeed.  We are absolutely NOT a "Scared Straight" type of program.  In fact, we are firmly against using the military training model for such purposes.   Our program is for those who are motivated and WANT to attend.


    **  We are not focused on recruiting your son or daughter to attend a military high school. This is the case with many programs on military school campuses, where their summer camp is just a recruiting tool to gain more full-time students for their private school.  The XMC staff is focused solely on providing the best summer experience possible, with no secondary mission of recruiting for a high school or using summer camp funds to keep a school afloat.


    **  The qualifications of the primary cadre of XMC are unmatched.  Our staff provides decades of extensive experience in the Cadet training environment.   Our program's primary leadership is nationally known as Subject Matter Experts in military Cadet development. 


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