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Compare XMC to ANY Other Program

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Are You Comparing Programs?  Here are Some Important Facts You Should Look Into:


    **  Ask for specifics and documentation regarding insurance coverage.   Be sure the program has sufficient liability and accident insurance.  


    **  Ask about facilities.   What is the inspection and maintenance schedule.  Ask for information regarding the overall physical condition of the buildings and grounds.  


    **  Where will the Cadets be housed?   Are males and females housed in separate buildings, with sufficient distance from one another?  Does the staff have separate latrine facilities away from the Cadets?  What are the square footage standards per Cadet as required by state law?   How many toilets, showers and sinks are available per Cadet? 

   **  Are funds used to support summer programs? Many private schools offer a variety of summer leadership camps though very few are actually military in nature. Despite being a military private school are the summer camps providing a realistic experience? Are the summer camp fees being used to provide the best summer experience possible or to keep the doors open during the rest of the year? 

   **  What are the qualifications and certifications of the food service staff?   Ask for specifics and documentation regarding Food Handler Certification, Health Inspections, etc.   Camp Liberty facilities meet the standards set forth by the Alabama State Board of Health.   State-specific laws for camps can be found on the American Camp Association website. 


    **  What is the experience level of the staff?  How many summers of Cadet programming has the senior leadership safely executed?   Are you able to speak with the Commander personally and ask specific questions regarding his or her military and youth experience and qualifications?  How many of the staff members were once Cadets?  What is the military experience of the staff?  Is the staff certified by outside agencies to operate a rappel tower, rifle range, swimming pool, etc?  Have they been professionally trained in youth development?  Are they CPR/First Aid certified?  Our primary cadre has decades of working with young people in a military Cadet environment.  All high-adventure activities are facilitated by cadre who have been certified by a third-party agency.  XMC staff have run military summer programs for decades with thousands of young men and woman benefiting from the experience. We have former Cadets that return to work with new participants each summer. 


    **  Are all staff members subjected to a detailed background check prior to working with your child?  All XMC staff have a thorough federal/state/local background check performed that is at the highest standards for the summer camp industry.  In addition to our own background check our staff is registered and screened by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) through the Learning for Life (LFL) program, chartered as Explorer Post 1842.   Many organizations claim to be chartered through Scouting; however, only a small number actually are.   Ask to see the official Charter document from BSA or LFL and ensure it is currently valid.    Ask point-blank questions regarding whether there have been any sexual assaults or other sexual impropriety associated with their camp. 


If you have questions about XMC programs, please feel free to contact us by email or call us at 855-XMC-CAMP.  We are always prepared to respond to any of the questions above in great detail. 


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