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Physical Exam Requirements

The program is extremely challenging.  The days are long, tiring and exciting, much like life in the Army's Basic Combat Training.   ​With that said, we work with teens, and we are very aware of that.   Most of our staff started as Cadets.   Therefore, we maintain a delicate balance of maintaining a realistic military environment, while always remembering that our real mission is to develop leadership and self-confidence in young people.  

Each Cadet and recruit must be up to the task.  All must complete an enhanced "Sports Physical," within 60 days of starting camp, validating that they can fully participate in a very physical and challenging environment.   The physical is captured on the provided physical in your CampinTouch online account.


Many young people are on prescription medications, for a variety of reasons.   Our preference is for each Cadet and recruit to not have such a requirement.  We have learned that's simply not always possible.  


Thus, all medications must be approved in advance through the admissions process.  Many are easily approved (common meds for ADHD, for example).  What we cannot approve are those psychotropic medications which are so mind-altering that they could put the young person, as well as those around them, at risk.  We deal with these applicants on a case-by-case basis. 


While some medications can be disqualifying, it is vitally important that parents/guardians divulge ALL required medications or other physical ailments.  Frankly, we would rather disappiont a young person by disqualifying them for XMC, than to put them at risk by having them participate in a program that is more than they are capable of.


A qualified medical professional will conduct "Med Call" each day, as required.   Each Cadet or recruit who needs medication is assessed a small weekly surcharge as part of the enrollment process to pay for this service. 

Physical History and Examination


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