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Sample Schedule

This is an offiical U.S. Army video which describes Basic Combat Training.   It is shown for informational purposes only and does not indicate official sponsorship or support of Extreme Military Challenge!  by the U.S. Army.


The days are long, tiring and exciting, much like life in the Army's Basic Combat Training. ​With that said, we work with teens, and we are very aware of that. Most of our staff started as Cadets. Therefore, we maintain a delicate balance of maintaining a realistic military environment, while always remembering that our real mission is to develop leadership and self-confidence in young people.


Recruits who attend the four-week Cadet Basic Training and the Cadet Field Leader Combo Course will do many (but certainly not all) of the activites shown in this video. 


You will be trained hard, pushed physically and mentally, and provided an unmatched opportunity to experience the military lifestyle first-hand. From marching to marksmanship, your days will be filled with much of the same experiences gained while a soldier is in Basic Combat Training. For a better idea of the overall experience we recommend taking a look at our Admissions Guide on the Home Page

Sample Training Day

0530:              Wake-up

0545:              Accountability formation

0545 - 0630:  Physical Training

0630 - 0700:  Hygiene, barracks prep, change uniforms

0700 - 0800:  Breakfast

0800 - 1130:  Training (classes, field skills, marksmanship, etc.)

1130 - 1230:  Lunch

1300 - 1400:  Barracks and Personnel Inspection

1400 - 1700:  Training

1700 - 1750:  Dinner

1800:              Retreat (lower American Flag) and Mail Call

1830 - 2000:  Company time (recreation, study, drill and   

                       ceremony, etc.)

2000 - 2100:  Hygiene, personal time

2100:              Taps - Lights out

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