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Success Stories...

Colonel Joseph M. Land, Sr., XMC, President of Liberty Communications, LLC, which owns and operates Extreme Military Challenge!, became a Cadet in 1977.  He continued as a Cadet until he joined the military in 1980.   Colonel Land has developed, executed and commanded military-based career exploration programs for over 30 years, serving well over 10,000 young men and women worldwide.    His son, Major Joseph M. Land, Jr., XMC, is also a former Cadet with 15+ years experience in camp operations, both as a Cadet and as member of cadre.   MAJ Land has had a direct impact on well over 2,000 young men and women from around the world by enrolling them for, and executing, military-based summer programs.  


Many of our former Cadets have benefited greatly from the lessons learned during summer training and have gone on to serve in very successful careers, including the Armed Forces, law enforcement, emergency services, as well as private enterprise. We have XMC Cadets in multiple Service Academies, dozens of ROTC programs, and throughout the various military services.


Here are just a few of the many success stories of our former Cadets: 

Commander Kevin Schultz, U.S. Navy
Former Commanding Officer, USS Alabama (SSBN-731) (Gold)
Cadet:  1987-1991

"I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be mentored by Joe Land while I was a Cadet in high school.  He set me up for success in the NROTC program, and I would not have made it through college without him.  He taught me lessons in leadership that have stayed with me throughout my 20 years in the Navy."



DeWayne L. Patterson, U.S. Army Infantryman
Cadet:  2011-2013

"I was an ambitious and adventurous young man in high school seeking a lifestyle many others would call too demanding. I wanted to endure something that would challenge me mentally and physically.  I took JROTC in high school, but it just wasn't giving me that edge I was searching for.  I found the challenge I needed through a program led by Colonel Joseph Land.   From his uplifting speeches to his get-it-done attitude, I was able to leave the program trained with a mindset that prepared me for my journey to become a United States Soldier.  I give my thanks to him for my success.  None of it would have been possible without his motivational help.  He is the reason I have accomplished every obstacle I've been challenged by."

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Mangels, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
Cadet:  1982-1984

An extremely motivated young man as a Cadet, Kevin Mangels joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1986, serving in a variety of computer-related positions worldwide.   He retired in 2006 after 20 years of Honorable and Faithful Service with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3. CWO3 Mangels also volunteered to work with Cadets, serving as the Executive Officer of a Cadet unit.  Upon retirement from the U.S. Marine Corps, he continues to serve others as a Law Enforcement Officer.   


Kevin Mangels was a Cadet in the Norfolk, Virginia area.  Then-MIDN Land was his Platoon Leader.

1LT Justin Snow, U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot
Cadet:  2006-2011

“Colonel Joseph Land was a wealth of information for me as a Cadet in High School. His sole passion was to transform today’s youth, not into a Soldier or a warrior, but into a professional young adult. These professional young adults would have an appreciation for the military, a strong sense of American Pride and - most important - key skills and tools to be a successful leader in any capacity...the tools of followership, leadership and the military provided to me by Colonel Land and his staff played a large hand to getting me to where I am today."


Cadet Daniel Massee, Marion Military Institute
Cadet:  2014 - 2016

Cadet Daniel Massee, an XMC Honor Graduate during the summer of 2014, is attending Marion Military Institute (MMI) in the Class of 2016.   He received a 50% Leadership Scholarship to attend MMI. 


"The influence of good leadership upon young men and women will make a positive impact in their lives for decades to come. Thank you again for the excellence of training and character that was instilled throughout the entire program of XMC. It was a job well done, and our son has grown immensely in his own leadership," said Cadet Massee's father, Mr. David Massee, a former Naval Officer.

Sergeant Jared Duncan, United States Army,  XMC Cadre
Cadet:  2012 -2015

SGT Duncan is a former Cadet with several years of experience, including the leadership and training of recruits. He enlisted in the United States Army in 2015 as an Infantryman, where he was later selected for, and graduated from Airbone School in Fort Benning, Georgia. He is currently assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. SGT Duncan will be a volunteer in support of Extreme Military Challenge! on annual leave.

“Jared is an exceptional young man, and a great representation of the end-goal for our Cadets,” said Colonel Joseph M. Land, Sr., XMC, the Commander of Extreme Military Challenge! and President of Liberty Communications, LLC. “I’m very pleased that he is willing for volunteer to be a role model for our Cadets.”

It takes a special person to work with young people, especially within a militarily-structured environment.   For many, their work with Cadets allows for a continuum of service after they leaving active duty in the Armed Forces.  Others work with Cadets as a means to pay "Cadetting" back for what it did for them as a young person.   Colonel Land has had countless adults work with him in the execution of summer programs.   Here are comments from some who have been impacted: 

Staff Sergeant John Cleary, U.S. Army Veteran

"I came to know COL Land during my quest to find an Army-oriented Cadet organization for my daughter...COL Land provided that experience, not only for her, but for myself, as well. I had been out of the Army for 5 years, and it felt good to get back in uniform and exercise some of those Noncommissioned Officer leadership skills once more as I served as an instructor.  What struck me most about the experience was the accuracy of the organizational details...meaning it was a very realistic Army experience. From the broader battalion-like organization of strategic command staff, right down to minute details like the format of memorandums and regulations, it was all very familiar and very professional. These elements were a direct result of COL Land's decades of experience and insistence on uniformity and attention to detail."

Corporal Phil Loyd, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

"Colonel Land...I believe in the effectiveness of your leadership, your character and commitment to improve the lives of all those you serve."


Corporal Loyd has worked with various Cadet programs over the years as a means to continue his service to our country.  

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