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Liberty Communications, LLC doing business as Extreme Military Challenge! has developed partnerships, business relationships and friendships with other organizations which provide complementary business support services.  We are pleased to work the following organizations:





All members of Extreme Military Challenge! are enrolled in Explorer Post 1842, chartered through the Boy Scouts of American as part of Learning for Life


This affiliation provides XMC personnel with both liability and accident insurance, while also offering access to a vast array of exceptional facilities.   Additionally, participation in XMC programs can be used towards advancement requirements for both Boy Scouts and Exploring programs.

Liberty Communications, LLC and TACSIM Media Group have partnered to offer the highly-aclaimed Cadet Ranger School to young men and women age 16-18. 


Cadet Ranger School is considered to be the challenging and realistic miltiary-style program available to teenagers worldwide. 



Competitive Outcomes, with 25 instructors training thousands of Cadets worldwide, is the premier authority on competitive drill (armed and unarmed), honor guards and color guards. They teach teams to dominate competitions, and captivate audiences wherever they go. They are the only drill trainers trusted and used by the United States Army Drill Team (The Old Guard) in Washington, DC. Last year alone, teams trained by Competitive Outcomes brought home 18 Overall State Championships and 12 Overall National Championships.


"We are focused on providing the most qualified, experienced and proven instructors available." said Joseph M. Land, Sr., President of Liberty Communications, LLC, "The dedicated instructors of Competitive Outcomes are the very best there is."

Liberty Communications, LLC and "The Camp Experts" have developed an exclusive partnership to provide high-adventure military summer camp experiences to young people from throughout the United States and around the world.  


The Camp Experts has offices throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Spain Italy and Japan. They assist parents in identifying specialized summer adventures for young people worldwide.


"We are thrilled to be an exclusive partnership with the largest and most experienced camp referral service in the country..." said Joseph M. Land, Sr., President of Liberty Communications, LLC, "...and look to serving young people worldwide as a result of this relationship."


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