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Fitness Standards

Each Recruit will be administered the Physical Fitness Test at least once each week.  Current test standards are listed in the Parents Guide which can be located in the Parents' Portal. We do not have a requirement for fitness level upon arrival to camp, but to fully Graduate from Cadet Basic Training a minimum score must be met in each event. If you're concerned on how well you'll be able to pass the PT test you may want to consider enrolling for the Cadet Fitness Challenge prior to Cadet Basic Training. 


There are three events which are measured: push-ups done in two-minutes, sit-ups done in two-minutes, and a timed two-mile run. Cadets and Recruits are required to score a minimum of 50 points per event in order to graduate Cadet Basic Training for a total minimum score of 150.  Do not worry if you cannot meet the standard now.  You will work daily, along with your "Battle Buddies," to achieve that goal! 


Returning Cadets must have a score of 180 to enter the Cadet Ranger School (CRS) program and must have a score of 250 on the final Friday to graduate from CRS

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