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What Our Parents Say...

"You have helped us to feel our son is safe at all times.  The constant contact via photographs and videos allows us to be part of the process multiple times a day, while providing them the independence that they need to evaluate this experience individually and make personal choices about their future.


"We viewed this experience as a win-win. If our son hated it, it would allow him to move in another direction for his future. His sincere smiles, laughter and obvious brother and sisterhood with his peers is priceless.


"The facilities are state-of-the-art. The staff provides the right combination of commanding respect and understanding their age. The recruits all seemed to readily want to push their limits and I am sure they have learned so much about life in general from the fine leaders. I can't wait to see first-hand how this experience has affected our son.


"Thank you so much for providing this well planned down-to-the-last-detail experience.  We also note that XMC is an exceptional value compared to other types of camps and comparative military programs. I give it the highest recommendation possible.


"You seem to love what you do and it shows. Thank you!"

Kathleen C., Mother of a Recruit in Cadet Basic Training

"Such a wonderful surprise!!! The 'yes ma'ams' threw me off (I've never been called that before). I will sleep well tonight after getting an update from him. Thank you! Thank you!" 

Jennifer H., After Receiving First Phone Call
During Cadet Basic Training


"I've been a single mom for all his life and it has just been us. Letting him go is difficult. I really do appreciate all the pictures, videos and updates. It helps me sleep at night. From the four letters I have received I gather he is enjoying it. I am constantly showing off the photos at work and a few parents are thinking of sending their kids next year."

Kathia D., Mother of a Recruit in Cadet Basic Training

"My grandson is so happy, excited, positive and feeling great about helped him to achieve a positive self-esteem and surpass goals he set for himself.  He not only gained self- confidence but made lasting friendships and memories he will treasure his whole life.


"Thank you so much! The pictures are also a comfort to the parents. I think this program is awesome!!! So organized and great with communicating to the parents!!!"

Lois H., Grandmother of a Recruit in Cadet Basic Training


"I am not sure how Colonel Joseph M. Land Sr. and others do it, but they made a bigger change in my son in two weeks than a whole school year in Air Force JROTC. 


"I know my son will now be able to carry that confidence into the upcoming year of JROTC and his future. A huge thank you to Colonel Land and others for helping my son to see his full potential."

Tiffany E., Mother of a Newly Graduated Cadet PV2


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