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Marksmanship Training

The Colt M4 OPS .22 calber Semi-Automatic Rifle is the primary training weapon for Basic Rifle Marksmanship at Extreme Military Challenge!

Safety and Realism Are Our Priorities

Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) is a fundamental aspect of military basic training.   As a result, each Cadet and recruit receives varying levels of marksmanship orientation and training while attending Extreme Military Challenge!   The goal is to provide a basic orientation to weapons safety and handling, while giving the Cadets and recruits an opportunity to earn marksmanship qualification badges. 


Extreme Military Challenge! is also registered as a training site through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)


Beginning in 2015, the primary training weapon will be the

Colt M4 Ops .22 caliber Semi-Automatic Rifle (top video).   The Colt M4 OPS is a “true to the original” replica of the current version of the M-16 machine gun issued to Special Forces operators in the U.S. Like the original, the replica features a Ops length barrel, collapsible stock, and quad skeleton forend with accessory rails.  While very similar to the M-16, this .22 caliber weapon is easy to handle, making it very safe for training Cadets on the range. 


Also beginning in 2015, XMC will use the iCombat laser weapon system for training Cadet attending the Cadet Recon Course and some aspects of the Cadet Field Leader Course.  


The iCombat system is the safest and most realistc laser-based weapons training system available anywhere worldwide.  Unlike Paintball and Airsoft, the iCombat system is able to accurately record the results of squad-level training evolutions, requires no clean-up, and fully disqualifies anyone who is "shot" during training.   With both an M4 system and a .9mm pistol system, there is nothing like iCombat. 


The above, as well as 9mm pistol qualification for advanced Cadets, and the use of "rubber duck" facsimile rifles by all Cadets and recruits is why we can say with complete confidence that no other military camp's marksmanship program provides the level of realism, quality of equipment and emphasis on safety through third-party certification, as compared to XMC.

iCombat Laser Weapons Training System

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