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Extreme Military Challenge! is executed on the premiere training site Camp Liberty ( in Battleground, Alabama, ten minutes from Cullman, Alabama (and I-65) and approximately 45 from both Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL.   Don't let location fool you! Other programs that seem similar may be closer to you, but that does not mean they would be the best choice for your son/daughter.

While many Extreme Military Challenge! participants have parents drive-in and drop them off for the summer, we also have more than 50% that fly-in through the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM). We have staff that greet them at the airport and we can bring them back for their flight at the end of the summer. Our participants come in from all over the country and all over the world. More than 42 states and 18 countries as of 2018.


We sincerely believe that no other program can compare to the quality and experience provided by Extreme Military Challenge!Camp Liberty was purchased in 2016 to be our dedicated facility to accommodate out-growing the location we had previously rented each summer. Owning Camp Liberty has allowed us to purpose-build the property to be uniquely suited for a military summer camp. Since locating at Camp Liberty we have had 1000+ participants attend XMC to great success. In addition to our summer programs Camp Liberty has been host to a number of military veteran retreats and reunions. To see our latest projects and site improvements we suggest you take a look at .

Some Camp Liberty highlights include:

  • Lodging for over 300. 

  • Property built circa. 2005 with new buildings added 2016 and 2020.

  • Constant renovations and upkeep with new improvements/expansions yearly. 

  • New air-conditioning in all Barracks and the Dining Facility.

  • Completely separate buildings for Male and Female Challengers, located on opposite sides of the property.

  • 76 Acre Facility with Field Training locations, including the "Cadet Ranger Village", low-ropes course and rappel tower.

  • On-site Obstacle Course.

  • 150+ Person Indoor Classroom.

  • 500+ Person outdoor Auditorium.

  • Pugil Stick and Martial Arts training areas.

  • Newly renovated and expanded Dining Facility with seating for 120+

Camp Liberty is a special place, dedicated to the men and women of the Armed Forces and our First Responders, who epitomize the American Spirit! Daily bugle calls and the raising and lowering of Old Glory during Retreat ceremonies conducted by the Cadets and Recruits of XMC aim to honor the men and women that have served and fought for our liberty. We hope you will join us this summer at Camp Liberty. If you have further questions regarding our location or any aspect of our courses please call us at 855-962-2267.


The following is a letter from Joe Land, Sr, President of Liberty Communications related to the purchase of Camp Liberty at the start of 2016. XMC had grown to the point where its previous location was no longer feasible and so a dedicated property was purchased:


"DEAR XMC FAMILY - Please take a close look at this Facebook page: for a view of  "Camp Liberty." Please pass this page to family and friends and be sure to “Like” it.


I will make a very long story short...after our winter Cadet Tactical Skills Training Course, the XMC staff determined – based on feedback from cadre and personal observations - that the facilities we were using were not fully suitable for our current and projected missions.  As a result, we started 2016 by searching for other options throughout the country, which – I am very pleased to announce – resulted in our final decision to purchase our new home, which conveniently continues to be in Alabama.


Liberty Communications, LLC, has entered into a final purchase agreement to permanently acquire a 75 acre former camp property located in Battleground, Alabama (45 minutes north of Birmingham). The new “Camp Liberty” is a far superior facility and a much better business value for our company. As a result of the cost savings, we will be able to build exactly what we need for this summer and the future, making “Camp Liberty” the unquestionable “Center of Excellence” for Cadet training nationwide.


We are finalizing the construction of a new 5,000 sf barracks building  to be completed by this summer. The barracks will have two large squad bays (about 64 beds each, plus two "DI Huts"). That building will provide a very realistic Basic Training environment, with traditional metal “racks,” foot lockers and large open space for “hip pocket training.”


One of my near-term goals for “Camp Liberty” is to host international students visiting our great nation. Far too often people from other countries form their opinion of the United States based on late-night TV, thinking that our entire country is just one huge city. With that in mind, we will be able to provide an exceptional view of the USA - both city and rural - since we are centrally located close to a number of exciting locations:


a. Cullman, Alabama (Hospital, Swimming Pool, Veterans Memorial Park, etc.) – 15 minutes

b. Bankhead National Forest (180,000 acres+) – 20 minutes

c. U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama – 45 minutes

d. Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport – 1 hour. Nashville, Tennessee – 2 hours

f. Fort McClellan Army National Guard Training Center – 2 hours

g. Atlanta, Georgia – 3 hours

h. Fort Campbell, Kentucky – 3 hours


The physical and mailing address for Camp Liberty is:15719 Alabama Highway 157 Battleground, Alabama 35179


The arrival airport will continue to be Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM), which is within an hour of Camp Liberty.


Please watch this forum for a number of upcoming “working parties” and special events where you can assist us in preparation for this summer’s programming. If you have skills, resources or materials which may be helpful, or just a little extra time, please feel free to reach out to us. We would welcome all the support we can get! This is a GREAT move for all of us. The operation of Camp Liberty will position XMC to be unparalleled in providing high-quality and extremely realistic military career exploration summer programs for our Cadets and recruits. During the off-season, we will also provide a multitude of opportunities for civilian and uniformed adults by hosting retreats, special events (weddings, reunions, etc.) and a variety of tactical training programs.


Having been privileged to work with young people for over 30 years, I am confident that my team and I will not only meet the extremely high standards of our previous programs, but exceed them as we implement new facilities and training platforms. As you can imagine, this has been a major undertaking which will serve thousands in the future. I hope you are as excited about this announcement as we are! We’re going to have a GREAT summer at Extreme Military Challenge! I look forward to hosting you at “Camp Liberty” in the near future!  Mega-Hooah!


COL Joseph M. Land, Sr., XMC

President, Liberty Communications, LLC

Commander, Extreme Military Challenge!  
"Liberty 6"










Extreme Military Challenge! is owned and operated by Liberty Communications, LLC, a Delaware company.

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