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Returning XMC Cadets Optional Items

Supplemental to the list located in the Parent's Guide. These optional items may not be brought by anyone attending Cadet Basic Training in the same summer as any other programs. These are only for Cadets returning from a previous year. 
Cadet Field Leader Course Optional Items.
  • Tactical Gloves (
  • Compass
  • Small flashlight or headlamp with red lens
  • Paracord, no more than 100' length
  • Extra pair(s) of boots
  • Hydration pack/Camelbak. Must be black/coyote/OD green or OCP/ACU pattern. No bright colors.  
  • Do not bring non-XMC undershirts or morale patches. They are not authorized for wear while participating in XMC.
XMC Cadet Ranger School Courses/ Advanced Cadet Field Leader Course Additional Items. 
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