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The Cadet Combat Engineer School will start with four days of classroom training which covers the basics of engineering including how to understand construction blueprints. The material is based on a combination of military and civilian principles allowing Cadets to use the learned skills in the future regardless of a military career or not. Cadets will learn all the steps necessary to complete a construction project from inception to completion. The course is structured around  the completion of a capstone project using the lessons learned in the classroom environment. Construction phase will all the Cadets to work hand in hand with military and civilian subject matter experts in all aspects of construction. Areas of instruction will include; what it takes to become an engineer, project planning, safety plans, structure design, bridge designs, physical security, electrical wiring principles, plumbing principles, basic carpentry skills and heavy equipment operation. All of this will be completed in a military training environment that will necessitate the Cadets to plan for the physical security of their project. 

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