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"Among the thousands of hands I shook {...} few stood out as much as the group of young men and women I met from Extreme Military Challenge. Their passion and energy {...} can serve as an inspiration for all. "

- Former Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning

A few last-minute spaces remain for July 7th start dates. 2 and 4-week options available. Claim one of our last spots today!

Attend the best! Extreme Military Challenge!(XMC) is the only military summer camp with a sponsorship by the U.S. Army Cadet Command 1st Brigade.


Extreme Military Challenge! Military Summer Camp (XMC) over the last 10+ years has become the premier program of its type, offering military camps for teens that are realistic and safe. While most of our participants have a serious interest in a possible military career we have many who attend for a unique experience that will help improve themselves whether it be their motivation, leadership skills, confidence, discipline or just their overall fitness. XMC is NOT a correctional camp and we do NOT accept participants with behavioral issues (see our FAQ). Unlike many programs we make no exceptions to this rule. Learn more about XMC in our Admissions Guide.


The senior staff of Extreme Military Challenge! have 30+ years of experience running Military Summer Camps in locations throughout the United States, providing thousands of teenagers the opportunity to become more self-confident, self motivated, and better informed on whether a military career is right for them.  XMC has first-year programs from 2 to 7 weeks long and provides training to 300+ each summer. First-year participants attend at least our 2-week Cadet Basic Training with most also adding our Cadet Field Leader Course or one of our various other options. Returning Cadets from previous years can choose from a variety of programs each summer. The best way to learn about all our options is to read our Admissions Guide or our Dates and Rates page.

We are confident that XMC is the best choice as a military summer camp ("boot camp") for teens (girls and boys) ages 13-18 who are interested in challenging themselves during the summer. Extreme Military Challenge!, operated by Liberty Communications, LLC, takes place at Camp Liberty in Battleground, Alabama. Participants come from all over the USA and the world to attend XMC, with over 50% flying in each year and XMC Staff retrieving them from the airport. XMC has had participants from more than 45 states and 25 countries.  Another program may be closer, but that does not mean it is a better choice for your son/daughter.

No other program in the nation has a staff as qualified or with the depth of experience as the Cadre of
Extreme Military Challenge!. We are confident we have the most experienced staff and the best instructor to participant ratio available. You won't find a military adventure camp, military school summer program or teen leadership camp better than Extreme Military Challenge!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at or call us at 855-962-2267.

XMC is NOT a correctional camp or for juvenile delinquents. Limited spaces are available, click Enroll Now! to secure your spot today!

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